High Cholesterol Food

Indian diet is a well balanced and extremely appetizing platter but during the preparation process, people usually tend to put a lot of oil, ghee, sugar or spices which robs it off its goodness.

High Cholesterol Food

Here we are listing some high cholesterol Indian foods, courtesy to ladles and ladles of oil in them, which you must try to stay clear of.

Meat Preparations

Most of the meat products already contain high levels of cholesterol and frequent consumption can adversely affect your health. It is advisable to use de-skinned meat as skin is a concentrated source of cholesterol, fats and additional calories. Avoid makhani gravy or preparations in which you can see the separated oil visually. Opt for grilled, baked or tandoori dishes as they consume much lesser oil than their gravy variants.

 Deep Frying

Cholesterol levels is certain seafood like crabs, shrimps and lobsters are very high. Do not prepare them batter fried. Same goes for deep fried chicken. Prefer to grill, bake or stir fry them in minimal oil.

Samosa, kachori, aalo tikki and other similar snacks are also loaded with unhealthy oil and hence are high cholesterol. Avoid frequent indulgence.

Malaai, Ghee & Butter

Indian food is incomplete without a dollop of ghee or butter. Fats like butter, desi ghee, cheese, palm oil and coconut oil contain high amount of saturated fats and must be avoided.

Use healthier option of oils for cooking like olive oil, rice bran oil, groundnut oil, sunflower oil and other vegetable oils.


Indirectly most of the Indian sweets lead to heavy consumption of cholesterol in addition to a lot of sugar. Jalebi, chena mithai, gualb jamun and several others are deep fried sweets, which are laden with cholesterol due to deep frying in oil and drip of sugar.

Who doesn't love to eat Indian food, which is full of mouth-watering spices, ghee and butter? However, most of us forget that uncontrolled indulgence in these food items can be the reason for your increased cholesterol level. Health is the most precious part of our lives and deserves the utmost attention. Bad habits and unhealthy food will lead to problems such as high cholesterol level, diabetes and heart ailments. So, it is essential to be alert about the foods you eat.

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