Awareness and Education Can Help in the Prevention of Cervical Cancer

Awareness and Education Can Help in the Prevention of Cervical Cancer

Before you read the article, take a self test about your awareness about cervical cancer.

  • At what age should cervical cancer screening start?
  • Which test should the screening include to check for cervical cancer?
  • What should be the cancer screening schedule?
  • When can the regular screenings for cervical cancer be stopped?
  • What to do when the test shows abnormal results?

How Many Could You Answer? 
Let us help. To begin with, we at Indus Health Plus, have been working towards creating a culture of prevention for the past 20 years. We believe awareness is the first step towards prevention because knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions. Share your knowledge with your peers and make them aware so that together we can fight against cancer.
What You Should Be Aware Of?
That Cervical Cancer Can Be Prevented and Treated
1/3rd of the global cervical cancer deaths happen in India - and this number can go down if women are aware of the preventive measures they can follow in their lifestyles. Regular routine full body health checkups are essential for maintaining a healthy body and enhancing the quality of life. Your checkup reports valuable information about your health status that could be actioned through lifestyle modifications. Early detection of cervical cancer and other diseases is the key to treating them.
That Cervical Cancer Is Caused By the Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted infection - not many women know that. The good news is the body mostly fights off the HPV on its own. When the HPV infections don't leave the body, they cause abnormalities  in the cervix cells, leading to a precancerous stage. Most of the HPV strains do not show any signs or symptoms until they become cancer - they cannot be detected without regular tests. 

That Regular Pap Smear Test Is Essential For All Women
The changes in the cells of the cervix caused by the HPV develop over time and can become cancerous. At such a stage, treatment becomes complex and threatens life. Regular Pap Smear tests are needed for catching the changes in the cells early. At the precancerous stages they can be fully treated and the woman can return to a normal, healthy life. Know more about the Pap Smear test.
That Early Detection Helps in Treatment and Saving Lives
Early detection involves finding out about diseases before they grow to cause a threat to the functioning of the body and life. Pap Smear test catches the cervix changes that are at a cellular level and that serves as an actionable insight for your gynecologist. Knowing about it before it develops into cancer is helpful for planning the course of treatment and other tests that you should do. Sometimes treatment might not be required and only minor lifestyle modifications could also work. 
That Prevention Is An Integral Part of Your Lifestyle and It Can Give You a Good Quality of Life and Longevity
There are certain other measures that you should follow apart from getting your Pap Smear test at regular intervals. Being healthy is a lifelong process, so is prevention. Prevention is like the maintenance of your body.

  • Get vaccinated against HPV, it can prevent you against a couple of strains of the virus
  • Go for regular full body health checkups to understand your current body functioning 
  • Include Pap Smear test once in 3 years if your previous reports were fine
  • Practise safe sex, avoid multiple partners, and use protection
  • Adopt good lifestyle habits like healthy food and daily exercise
  • Spread awareness by sharing your knowledge with your peers

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