Know How To Boost Immunity To Fight Covid-19

The whole world is facing the COVID-19 scare that became a global crisis because of the self-mutation of the virus. It continues to be a scare as:

  1. There’s no vaccine or medicine for it
  2. The healthcare system is already burdened with lifestyle diseases
Know How To Boost Immunity To Fight Covid-19

Only social distancing, self-isolation and proper hygiene can prevent and curb the increasing COVID-19 cases, as of now. It’s quite essential therefore to build natural immunity, it’s the only way to be healthy and prevent viral and bacterial diseases.

When you are confined to your house, you can work on building and boosting your immunity. A strong immune system helps the body in protecting the body against the viruses entering the body. Start with eating a healthy diet containing a mix of important nutrients, and do regular work out to build and sustain immunity. Have a mix of these foods to build your immunity:

  • Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C which helps in increasing the production of white blood cells that fight infections. Eat oranges, sweet limes, gooseberries, and grapes.

  • Leafy greens: Green leafy vegetables are good sources of beta carotene associated with reducing inflammation and increasing lymphocytes that help to support one’s immunity.

  • Foods with antioxidants: Onion, garlic, ginger and vegetables like carrot and pumpkin are high in antioxidants essential for building up the immune system.

  • Fermented foods: Fermented food items such as miso, yogurt, curd , buttermilk, and home-made pickles encourage the growth of good bacteria in the gut. With high levels of good bacteria, comes stronger immunity.

Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit. Exercise reduces stress hormones, helps flush bacteria out of the lungs & airways and refine the circulation of WBCs. It boosts the immune system, thereby keeping infections away. Follow these exercises from the comfort of home to strengthen your immunity:

  • Quick sessions: A 30 minutes mix of exercise sets is a great way to start the day. Check out YouTube for such exercises.

  • Dance: Groove to your favorite music to shake off your worries and keep the diseases and mood swings in check.

  • Yoga: Not only will it increase the flexibility of your body, it will also strengthen your bodies from inside.


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