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Bladder Cancer Signs & Symptoms

Bladder Cancer is detected in early stages most of the time, so chances of cure is very high. It is very important to know the signs and symptoms of this disease so this malignancy can be treated in early stages.

The post here provides you information about bladder cancer early symptoms and also provides you a list of symptoms when bladder cancer advances.

Bladder cancer early symptoms

  • Blood in the urine:

    In most of the cases blood in the urine is first sign of a bladder cancer, also known as haematuria. Haematuria in the initial stage can be often painless. Depending on the amount of blood secreted by tumor the urine may be orange, pink or red in color. Blood loss in the urine may not be frequent but it will reappear if a person is suffering from bladder cancer.

Although, blood in the urine does not always imply it is bladder cancer. In some cases it can be due to an infection, kidney stones, non-cancerous tumors or other kidney problems but it is often advised to have a checkup with doctor so actual reason can be found.

Other bladder cancer symptoms which can be identified in preliminary stage are:

  • Passing urine more often.
  • Experiencing pain or burning sensation
  • Feeling an urge to urinate immediately, even when bladder is not full.

Advanced bladder cancer symptoms

When bladder cancer advances, the tumor becomes large enough to reach other organs of the body and can cause symptoms such as:

  • Pain in the lower back on one side known as flank pain.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Unable to urinate due to growth of tumors.
  • Sudden weight loss without any significant illness
  • Growth in pelvis near bladder known as pelvic mass
  • Bone pain
  • Swelling in feet
  • Lumps in your abdomen
  • Lumps in your neck
  • Pain in your tummy
  • Yellowness in white portion of eyes or skin which is caused due to jaundice

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