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Cardiac Procedures Vs Preventive Health Checkups - Comparative Study

Comparative Study - Cardiac Procedures & Preventive Health Checkups

Rohan, an apparently fit 33 year old professional who took the health checkup just out of curiosity, was taken by surprise when found that his cholesterol levels are way beyond normal. Early detection & timely management saved unnecessary complications for this man with strong family history of heart diseases.

Coronary artery diseases or heart illnesses are the commonest ones found among Indians. Like all other fatal lifestyle diseases, they remain latent and symptomless in its initial stages.

As the diseases progresses, symptoms such as breathlessness on exertion, pain in chest and left hand & nausea/giddiness begin to appear. By the time patient consults a doctor, abnormalities in the heart’s artery or its structure have already been developed.

Reaching to this stage, the only alternative left is to go for extensive & expensive procedures and lifelong dependence on medication.

A Comparative Study

Refer to a comparative study done for various heart related diseases & their treatment procedures & costs involved in it as opposed to an annual health checkup.

Angiography Diagnostic Procedure/Treatment Cost of Treatment* Cost of Preventive Checkup

Catheter Angiography

A thin plastic tube (catheter) & contrast material is inserted into an artery and guided till heart to detect narrowing in heart’s vessel.

Rs. 10,000 -12,000

Indus Essentia (2 D Echo, ECG, lipid profile & 43 more tests) - 6,500/-

Indus Superia (CT Calcium Scoring + 49 more tests) - 10,999/-

Balloon Angioplasty

A small balloon at the tip of the catheter is inserted near the blocked or narrowed area of the coronary artery. At the point of narrowing, balloon is inflated to rupture plaque.

Rs. 45,000 - 60,000

Indus Superia (CT Calcium Scoring + 49 more tests) - 10,999/-

Full Body Checkup (CT Angiography + 59 other tests) - 19,999/-

Balloon Angioplasty with Stents

Balloon angioplasty is sometimes combined with placing a stent to prevent re-stenosis.

Rs. 1, 50, 000 or more

Indus Superia (CT Calcium Scoring + 49 more tests) - 10,999/-

Full Body Checkup (CT Angiography + 59 other tests) - 19,999/-

Bypass Surgery


To improve the blood flow to the heart with a new route, or "bypass," around a section of clogged or diseased artery.

Rs. 1, 50, 000 or more

 Indus Superia (CT Calcium Scoring + 49 more tests) - 10,999/-

Full Body Checkup (CT Angiography + 59 other tests) - 19,999/-

Heart Transplant

To remove a damaged or diseased heart and replace it with a healthy one

Rs. 10,0000 -20,0000

 Indus Superia (CT Calcium Scoring + 49 more tests) - 10,999/-

Full Body Checkup (CT Angiography + 59 other tests) - 19,999/-

Prevention is Your Saviour!

All this and much more could have been avoided or at least more conveniently managed if the disease would have been caught in its initial stage through regular preventive health checkups.

For example, a simple blood test once in 6-8 months can warn you against your rising cholesterol levels (major reason for blocked arteries of heart) and upon knowing it, you can control it by dietary changes or short term medications. Once taken care of in initial stage, it may not lead to a full blown heart disease, where elaborate procedures are needed to correct the abnormality.

Annual preventive checkups can help you in several ways,

  • Saves life!
  • Save physical trauma & mental stress
  • Save huge amount of money & precious time
  • Early detection of diseases helps in better treatment & management of diseases
  • Protect you from ugly surprises of medical emergencies

Prevention is definitely better than cure!!

Easy way to adapt a healthy living is to stay active, make healthy food choices and be proactive towards health. Go for regular health checkup, because "Prevention is better than cure". The preventive health checkups will help in assessing risk factors for illness, early detection, and treatment on time leading to cure of the disease.

To get an overview of your health status you can opt for comprehensive health checkup packages provided by Indus health plus, a preventive health check-up specialist. For further details or queries fill the form and we will get back at you at earliest.

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