Tips to lower SGPT & SGOT levels

The bottomline of a healthy body is a healthy liver. Liver assists in a lot of body functions and also flushes out toxins and helps in metabolism. Taking care of the liver becomes easy when you make a healthy lifestyle your habit. Following a healthy lifestyle keeps you fit and also keeps your liver away from diseases. Everything that you consume, including medicines and alcohol is filtered by your liver. Hence, it is an important organ for the body to function properly. Prevention is always better than cure, so taking care of your liver can help you in avoiding treatments and complications. SGPT & SGOT are the enzymes produced by your liver & its cells. High SGPT/SGOT is an indication of liver cell injury, they need to be detected through regular health checkups.

Tips to lower SGPT & SGOT levels

Follow these lifestyle habits to keep your liver and your body in their healthiest state.

1. Keep a tab on everything you consume

  • Increase Vitamin D in your diet: Vitamin D helps in preventing damage to your liver and reducing SGPT levels. Oranges, soy milk, mushrooms, apples, eggs, fortified cereals, tofu, dairy products, cod liver oil, oysters and green leafy vegetables are good sources of vitamin D.
  • Eat nutrient-rich food: Organic, plant-based diet is the best for your liver as it helps in its functioning. Avoid consuming too much salt and sodium-rich foods.
  • Eat more vegetables & fruits: Fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants, like kiwi, pomegranate, papaya, carrot, spinach, bell pepper are good for your liver’s health.
  • Avoid deep fried & junk foods: It’s better to be vegetarian and keep away from meat, chicken, pork, cheese, bacon, carbonated drinks, and butter.
  • Restrict alcoholic beverages & quit smoking: Alcohol is the most harmful thing for the liver. Consuming nicotine in any form can absorb toxins like nicotine and ammonia into your blood. Liver has a tough time filtering them, and thus becoming weak.
  • Don’t self medicate: Metabolizing drugs is too much work for the liver, hence having medicines not prescribed by a qualified physician can do more harm than good.

2. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is imperative for maintaining a healthy liver. It reduces the stress on your liver and increases your energy levels. Exercise also aids in preventing obesity which is a risk factor for liver diseases.

3. Go for regular preventive health checkups

Liver dysfunctions and SGPT/SGOT levels do not always show symptoms, so till the time you get to know about any damage to your liver, it’s already too late. It results in high treatment costs and in many cases life-fatalities. You can know your SGPT/SGOT levels with Indus’ Full Body Checkup that includes these tests. Know more.

SGPT & SGOT are the enzymes produced by the liver & by other types of cells. High SGPT or SGOT is usually an indication of liver cell injury.

Adopting healthy modifications along with a specially designed diet for healthy liver is the best solution to the question of how to lower SGPT & SGOT.

This same diet can be the answer if you are wondering how to lower SGOT . Inculcate above discussed good habits to protect your liver from being damaged.

However, getting your liver checkup done regularly helps in avoiding health complications. Get your test done by a trusted healthcare organization.

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