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Partner with Us

Forge a transformative partnership with Indus Health Plus in the realm of preventive healthcare and genomic solutions. As a leading collaborator with esteemed hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and genomic service providers, we extend an invitation to potential partners to join us in reshaping the healthcare landscape. By incorporating our innovative genomic solutions, tailored for early disease prediction and robust wellness programs, you can actively contribute to substantial reductions in hospitalization costs while bringing a personalized touch to your clientele. Our collaborative journey encompasses harnessing the potential of the MEDNAwise report, reinforced by pharmacogenomics, to amplify individualized drug responses, thereby enhancing healthcare quality and realizing significant cost savings. Whether you represent a hospital, clinic, pharmacy, or a genomic service provider, align with us to embark on a shared mission of advancing precision medicine, optimizing healthcare outcomes, and fostering a healthier future for individuals and organizations alike. Together, let's make a lasting impact on the healthcare experience and drive meaningful change.

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Analysis and Reporting Solution
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Customizable Solution
Genetic Counselling
Genetic Counselling & Summary Report
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End to End Technical
End to End Technical Support
Report API Integration
Report API Integration
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