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Indus Health Plus has been trailblazing the Preventive Healthcare and Wellness industry since its inception in 2000. With the aim of making quality healthcare Available, Accessible and Affordable, Indus Health Plus has taken its services across the globe. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Indus Health Plus has been successful in saving more than 7 lakh lives, and establishing Prevention as a culture within many households.

Environmental changes and sedentary lifestyles have resulted in rising number of non-communicable diseases, affecting all age groups. Early detection of such diseases is the best way to prevent them and lead a happy life. Keeping that in consideration, Indus introduced DNAwise, a personal genetic test that studies your DNA to give a complete analysis of your body type, risks, and a recommended lifestyle. DNAwise covers 3 aspects of your lifestyle - Health, Nutrition, & Fitness; these along with regular Preventive Health Checkups can enhance your life with good health. DNAwise is a one-time-sample test for everyone in the family, and the Health Checkups can be personalised for children, expecting mothers, and newly married couples.

Indus is backed by a team of compassionate, capable and dedicated personnel to cater to the health needs of everyone. Headquartered in Pune, Indus has its presence in Metros, Tier I, II & III cities of India.

Advancing Healthcare through Genetic Insights

Our extensive predictive genetic testing portfolio spans health, wellness, fitness, and predictive genetics reports, all underpinned by a robust microarray-based genotyping platform. Supported by a meticulously validated in-house bioinformatics pipeline and clinically vetted reports, this platform interprets a wealth of genetic information, forming the bedrock for insightful analyses. The data, adaptable for future scrutiny, contributes to a nuanced understanding of individual genetic profiles. Going beyond microarray capabilities, our in-house bioinformatics analysis solutions adeptly handle various platforms, including whole genome sequencing and exome sequencing. This ensures a comprehensive genetic analysis, significantly enhancing the potential for improved healthcare outcomes.

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