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Welcome to Indus Health Plus, your trusted partner in accessible, available, and affordable healthcare solutions. With a commitment to saving lives through preventive measures, we have successfully served a global clientele. Indus has not only revolutionized preventive health check-ups but also introduced a proprietary direct-to-consumer genomic product line, including DNAwise, DNAwise Wellness, COVIDNAwise, and MEDNAwise.

Our Genetic Services & Business Collaboration Services

Genetics Summary & Detail Reports

Our genetic reports go beyond basic health parameters, providing a comprehensive analysis covering health, nutrition, habits, fitness, and drug response. We believe in delivering a holistic understanding of your genetic makeup.

Report API Integration

Our genetic reports come with a user-friendly API, facilitating seamless integration into your existing systems. This ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to leverage the power of genetics without disruptions to your workflow.

Research Services/Collaborations

Indus is committed to impactful genetic research collaborations. With genome-wide array data for over 6000 individuals, we invite research organizations to partner with us, accelerating meaningful discoveries in genetics and health outcomes.

Co Branded / White Labelled & Customizable Solutions

Indus offers customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of our partners. Whether you require specific features, branding elements, or collaboration options, our team is dedicated to tailoring our services to align seamlessly with your requirements.

Training and On-boarding

Indus ensures a smooth on-boarding process, including training sessions for your team to understand the nuances of our genetic reports and services. This proactive approach contributes to a successful collaboration and maximizes the benefits for your organization and end-users.

End-to-End Technical Support

We believe in providing comprehensive support throughout your genetic journey. From the initial collaboration phase to ongoing utilization, our team offers end-to-end support, addressing any queries, concerns, or technical issues promptly. Count on us for a dedicated partnership that goes beyond just delivering reports.

Pharmacy Collaboration

Indus Health Plus has been a healthcare community contributor for over two decades, positively impacting more than 7 lakh individuals worldwide. Our MEDNAwise pharmacogenetic report, supported by scientific evidence, enables early detection of individual drug responses. By integrating client data into your API, clients can connect with their doctors for clinically actionable points.

Who Can Partner with Us

Physicians & Clinics

Laboratories & Hospitals

Corporate & Employers


These data points shed light on the existing landscape and the immense potential
for collaboration in the realm of pharmacogenomics.

Internal Survey Reports
  • Clinician Awareness: 93% of clinicians are familiar with pharmacogenomics.
  • Implementation Knowledge: Only 51% possess basic knowledge about the implementation of pharmacogenomics.
  • Integration into Practice: Merely 17% have incorporated PGx information into their practice.
Key Barriers
  • Awareness Gap: 40%
  • Complexity of Integration: 40%
  • Integration into Practice: Merely 17% have incorporated PGx information into their practice.
  • Limited Training: 40%
  • 50 GB cloud storage
  • 24/7 Support
Indian Genetic Counsellors' Perspective
  • Positive Outlook: 91% believe PGx testing can enhance patient outcomes and treatment efficacy.
  • Pre-emptive Utility: 100% endorse the utility of PGx testing in a pre-emptive setting.
  • Treatment Efficacy: 65% affirm its capacity to increase treatment efficacy.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: 57% believe PGx testing can facilitate personalized treatment plans.

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