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Ms. Malti Singh Sengar


“I took the health checkup package for my mother. The experience at the hospital was incredible. The staff was extremely courteous and made sure that there was no waiting time. The price of the package, the same day delivery of report and the useful doctor counselling made sure that the experience was memorable for me and my mother.”

Ms. Malti Singh Sengar, New Delhi

Mr. Faizan Hashmi


“The checkup was among the best experiences of my life. The service provided by Indus Health Plus was of the highest quality. The staff were soft spoken and very helpful and the entire checkup process was expedited. The cost of the package is a fraction of its market price and helped me detect my present health issues. I will be taking the same for my relatives too would recommend it to my close friends. Thank you Indus Health Plus for this special New Years gift.”

Mr. Faizan Hashmi, New Delhi

Mr. B.R. Zaidi


“The service provided by Indus Health Plus was excellent. The staff were awesome. They were with us throughout the length of the checkup and supported us throughout the day. I did not have to stand in the queue for any test. The staff at the hospital made me feel special and my stay absolutely free of worry. They also gave me my reports on the same day which led to a hassle free doctor counselling.”

Mr. B.R. Zaidi, New Delhi

Ms. Shaila P. Tupe


“The concept of prevention is very important. Only after undergoing these tests did I found out the current status of my health. The doctors, the counselling, the support staff and the ambience, all of these were top notch. The best part was the smooth execution of the checkup getting the test reports on the very same day. I consider the money I spent on these tests as a minimal investment for my healthy future.”

Ms. Shaila P. Tupe, Pune

Ms. Anuprita


“I received a call from Indus Health Plus a day before the scheduled checkup, giving me the necessary set of instructions to be followed. The procedure started without any waiting time. The doctors were very informative and clarified all my doubts. The Indus Health Plus staff were very well mannered. I will be asking my parents to go for their health checkup based on my fantastic experience.”

Ms. Anuprita, Pune

Mr. Anil Darda


“I arrived at the Health Centre at 7am and found the Indus Health Plus counter without any problem. The Indus Health Plus staff were extremely helpful and courteous. They guided us throughout the length of the checkups. The procedures for the tests were explained to me in detail. The counselling was also very satisfactory. These tests helped me find some deficiencies in my life style and helped me make suitable changes to start living healthy. Thank you Indus Health Plus!”

Mr. Anil Darda, Pune

Mr. Ameya Swar


“All the checkups were done in an appropriate span of time. The reports were submitted to me by on the same day. The doctor counselling was enlightening and helpful. I was able to understand what actions I needed to take to live a healthy and long life. I wholeheartedly recommend the Indus Health Plus checkups to every person who leads a sedentary lifestyle”

Mr. Ameya Swar, Pune

Mr. Anil Somnath Kadam


“The checkup was very important for me. It was done within the promised period of time. The best part was that all the tests were done in a single day and the report was also given on the very same day. In my opinion, a person should get himself checked every year to understand his health status, so that he can take corrective actions, if needed, as early as possible.”

Mr. Anil Somnath Kadam, Solapur

Mr. Jayesh Ovalekar


“The overall experience was excellent and the test package was extensive. After the doctor's counselling session, I understood what life style changes I need to make to lead a happy and healthy life. Thank you Indus Health Plus for showing me the right way. I will definitely make sure that my loved ones also undergo these tests.”

Mr. Jayesh Ovalekar, Bangalore

Mr. Gali Vishnu Prasad


“This was the first time in my life that I had gone for an extensive checkup of my whole body and I could not have chosen a better facilitator than Indus Health Plus. Their representative was with me throughout the day and made sure that the tests were completed at the earliest. The hospitality accorded to me truly made my day.”

Mr. Gali Vishnu Prasad, Bangalore

Ms. Shetty Lavita


“The Indus Health Plus representative at the centre was very helpful. The entire process went very smoothly. The best part about the checkup was the doctor's counselling. The doctor was extremely helpful in simplifying and explaining the intricacies of the test results to me. I will recommend this to all my friends and relatives.”

Ms. Shetty Lavita, Bangalore

Ms. Seema Jayesh


“I am very satisfied with my experience at Vikram Hospital. Indus Health Plus's representative made sure that I had a memorable experience. He was with me throughout the length of the checkup and ensured that the entire checkup process was smooth.“

Ms. Seema Jayesh, Bangalore

Ms. Swati Mittal


“I liked the cleanliness of the center. Also, I loved the way the customer representative took care of me throughout the length of the tests. I got to know about the present fitness level of my body and also found about the things which I need to do to improve the fitness level. I thank Indus Health Plus for making my day.”

Ms. Swati Mittal, Delhi

Mr. Amit Kaushik


“I gifted the checkup package to my mother. This must be among the best things I could have ever given her. My mother and I were very satisfied with our experience. The representative at the centre was of great help and supported us all through the duration of the tests. I hope others also take benefit of their excellent service and staff.”

Mr. Amit Kaushik , Delhi

Mr. Gaurav Gautam


“It has been a pleasure using the services of Indus Health Plus. They are excellent! Their service was recommended to me by many doctors and the experience was worth its weight in gold. The representative/coordinator at the centre was very helpful and was with me throughout my tests and my consultation with the doctors. I am very impressed and want to share my experience with others.”

Mr. Gaurav Gautam, Delhi

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Full Body Checkup Package

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Family Health Checkup Package

For a family of young & elderly

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