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Milk - Types and Variants

'Milk' who doesn't love it? From young ones to the older, everyone loves drinking milk. Adding milk to your diet is extremely healthy as it helps you in staying fitter and healthier. The calcium present in the milk can be easily absorbed, thus milk and milk products are the most reliable sources of calcium. It contains all beneficial nutrients like carbohydrates, minerals, salts, fats, lactose, and so on. Let us have a detailed look at all kinds of milk.

Milk - Types and Variants

Different Types of Milk:

Pasteurized Milk

In this process, harmful bacteria are killed by heating the milk at a very high temperature i.e. around 700C. Thus it makes milk a safe product to consume. All this is done without losing the milk's nutritional value and also its flavor.

Homogenized milk

Here, milk is processed and the fat globules present in it are broken to prevent it from forming the creamy layer on the top level. However, in this whole process, the nutritional value and the fats are not affected in any way.

Whole milk

In this type of milk, you will find that the fat content in it is not removed. It is full of flavor, creamier and thicker milk and has high amount of fat in it. It is said that in a glass of whole milk there is 3.5% of fat i.e. 150 calories are present in it.

Skimmed milk

Skimmed milk is exactly the opposite of whole milk. You will see that in skimmed milk, the fat is being removed. A glass of skimmed milk (without sugar) will have around 80 calories. Skimmed milk is helpful for those who are on a strict diet.

Toned milk

Toned milk contains around 3% fat. This milk is made by adding some skimmed milk powder and water into the whole milk. This process is carried out to increase the quantity of the milk and side by side decrease the fat content. A glass of toned milk will contain around 120 calories.

Double toned milk

This type of milk also contains the mixture of water and skimmed milk powder into the whole milk. However, it contains 1.5% fat. This is the best milk for those who are willing to maintain their weight and is also ideal for heart patients.

Buffalo milk

This milk contains a high proportion of calories and fat. It is creamier and thicker also. This is the best milk to prepare products like sweets, khoya, paneer, etc. Cholesterol level is low in this milk.

Cow milk

Cow milk is high in vitamin D, protein, vitamin B, and various minerals. It is low in calories and fats which makes digestion easier. It is also less creamy and thicker. This is recommended for small children.


Milk and its subsequent products are extremely healthy. With the daily appropriate usage of milk, you can attain a healthy body. Furthermore, a routine health checkup is also necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Make a simple and quick preventive health checkup a part of your fitness regime, it ensures that you are free from health issues. Different Health Checkup Packages are available which are suitable for people of different age groups.

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