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To suit your requirements, Indus Health Plus presents medical check-ups in association with well-equipped hospitals in Pune. Now you can ensure your parents' and grandparents' health by gifting them the family health check-up which are specially designed for senior citizens. A preventive checkup has become a primary need in our hectic life, which is why Indus Health Plus has brought affordable health checkups.

Gains of buying a heart health check-ups in Manjri from Indus Health Plus:

  • Indus provides health packages such as medical health check-up, corporate and specialized health checkups for everyone.
  • These complete health checkups are available at upto 40% discount on market price, which makes it easier to purchase.
  • You can rely on Indus Health Plus for family health checkup as it has collaborations with many reputed hospitals in Pune.
  • Get your comprehensive health check-ups done at the best hospitals in Pune with the help of Indus Health Plus which has a good team of health experts in various fields.
  • Indus Health Plus has grabbed the title of a leading healthcare provider in India and offers master health check-ups with its reach in 17 states and 78 cities.
  • Avail exciting offers provided on whole body health checkups by Indus Health Plus are also available in other centers and on online through the website too.
  • Makes use of the latest equipment to receive accurate and speedy results of your fitness checkups package done in Indus's centers in Pune.
General health checkup proves how it is useful to stay healthy and fit, contact us as soon as possible and schedule an appointment for a checkup in Manjri, Pune.

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