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Preventive Full Body Checkup Package

Recommended for above 30 years of age | Includes 65 Tests
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Essential Full Body Checkup Package

For All Age Groups | Includes 52 Tests
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You can rely on Indus Health Plus as it provides full body checkup packages to create awareness about a healthy lifestyle. The leading name in preventive healthcare offers various fitness checkup which are suitable for the people of all age group in Hadapsar at a reasonable price. The complete health checkup along with master health checkup, fitness check-up, couple check-ups and a full body check up form a baseline to maintain a health record status of an individual.

Why is Indus Health Plus is the best family medical checkups service provider in India?

  • Indus Health Plus offers their medical checkup in more than 80 cities in India.
  • The general Medical checkup offered by Indus can be customized and are eligible for tax exemptions.
  • It is a leading master health checkup package provider in India with operating over 17 states and 78 cities.
  • In India, Indus Health Plus is known as an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Healthcare Service Provider in different offerings including whole body health checkups.
  • Indus Health Plus offers the flexibility of making the most of their heart health check ups in different centres/hospitals.
  • Indus Health Plus is blessed to deliver the affordable health check-up with the help of a team which is humble, experienced.
  • Indus Health Plus delivers high quality preventive health checkup package all over India through their online site too.
Indus Health Plus has a firm belief on early detection of disease helps to avoid unnecessary expenditure on treatment, thus has brought regular health check in Pune.

Why Indus Health plus?

Indus Health Plus with its experience of two decades in preventive health checkup has been a prominent and trusted name in India. Its health awareness initiatives encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle

  • Accurate Result
  • International Quality Standard
  • Cost Effective

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