Health Benefits of Banana

Banana is a fruit of choice for everyone because of their round the year availability, affordable pricing and immense health benefits. It's like a complete packaged food.

Health Benefits of Banana

Read below the goodness that bananas are loaded with!

High in nutrients:

Bananas are packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and simple sugar. They contain no fat/cholesterol. Bananas are a rich source of vitamin B6, folate, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and carbohydrates. One banana is enough to keep the stomach full for a long time.

Keeps a check on diseases:

Being rich in magnesium & potassium, banana aids in maintaining optimum blood pressure, keeps the heart protected and promotes bone health.

Stomach friendly:

It fights build up of acid (have an antacid effect) and also protects stomach lining from ulcers. Banana also guards the stomach against unfriendly bacteria which are responsible for causing gastrointestinal disturbances.

Helps in diarrhoea:

Bananas are a good home remedy for loose stools (diarrhoea) as they work as a binding agent. Diarrhoea dehydrates the body and rips it off some vital electrolytes. Banana helps in restoring those lost nutrients.

Post workout snack:

It is an ideal post workout food, especially after strenuous aerobic exercises. It contains simple sugars which provide instant energy, and potassium which is much needed by the muscles after a workout.

Cures skin diseases:

The white lining inside of the banana peel is a known remedy for treating psoriasis, acne and other skin conditions. Banana peel is also known to have proven effect in treating warts and minor burns.

Remedy for hangover:

In case of a bad hangover in the morning post a binge drinking session, bananas come handy in overcoming it. Having a banana smoothie made of milk/curd, banana with some milk and few strawberries gives relief from hangover.

Whitens teeth:

Inside of the banana peel is the effective and inexpensive way of whitening yellow teeth. Gently rubbing the inside part of the banana peel for about 2 minutes will give the desired effect of white and bright teeth.

Banana Storage & Ripening Tips

  • Store them in a dark and cool place
  • To ripen them quick, put them in a paper bag along with an apple
  • Fully ripe bananas should be kept in fridge to keep the fruit fresh
  • Remove each banana from the main bunch to delay ripening

Eating bananas on a daily basis is good. It comes with a lot of benefits. It is filled with lots of potassium, proteins, vitamin C etc. However, monitoring your intake at regular intervals is an essential thing to do. Tracking your health is always an important thing, and this can be done by getting a full body checkup. Indus has health checkups for every age group including adolescent checkup package, which helps to have a healthy and fit young generation. For more information regarding this, you can get in touch with Indus Health Plus by filling up the query form.

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  • Health Benefits of Banana

    Health Benefits of Banana

    Banana is a fruit of choice for everyone because of their round the year availability, affordable pricing and immense health benefits. It's like a complete packaged food.

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