Breast Cancer Awareness

It is an established fact now that breast cancer is preventable with modest lifestyle changes healthy ways of living, leaving alone the genetic causes which account for only 8-10% of breast cancers in women.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Creating awareness is important

While most people are aware of the causes, sign & symptoms and extent of damage the disease can do, still many of us forget to take proactive steps, modify our lifestyle, and put together a plan to detect the disease in its early stages.

Sometimes we know what's healthful to do but we tend to neglect it putting the onus on busy schedule and other such excuses.

A lot of progress has been made in spreading breast cancer awareness but still there is a long way to go!

Breast Cancer Awareness Tools

Breast Cancer Month

There is not one particular Breast Cancer Day but a whole month is dedicated to spread consciousness about breast cancer among people globally. The whole month of October is celebrated as breast cancer awareness month worldwide.

Conducting Programs

At all big and small levels, campaigns, meetings, talks and events which involve a large group of people should be conducted in organisations, schools, societies, market places and anywhere where people gather in large numbers. The idea should be to make it interesting; rather than scaring people away, positive knowledge should be imparted to build confidence and information about the disease.

Help Someone to be Breast Aware

Creating awareness at even one-to-one level also work wonders in spreading the required information. A small talk amongst ladies about self breast examination while travelling in the local transport, discussing signs & symptoms of breast cancer, talking about any abnormal growth in the breast area or encouraging a friend to go for regular clinical examination for a breast checkup is just good enough! Awareness and knowledge about anything allows individuals to make informed choices and good choices deliver results & freedom.

Routine health screenings help to detect any possible ailments like cancer. Especially in women, there is an increased risk of getting breast cancer. But very less number of people knows that it is a preventable condition. Breast cancer awareness allows the spread of knowledge about this serious condition, its diagnosis, and treatment. At Indus Health Plus, the team of professionals offers affordable health checkup and make people aware of this deadly disease by providing the medically right information. If you have any doubts regarding the same, fill up the form and our team member will contact you.

Be breast aware!

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