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Surprising Facts & Benefits of Donating Blood

blood donation facts benefits

Donate Blood Save Life!

You don't always have to be a doctor to SAVE someone's LIFE!

Donating just a pint (almost 470 ml) of blood will not make much of a difference in your life but that one pint can save up to three lives!

So roll up your sleeves and contribute proactively in this noble cause.

Blood Donation Facts:

Worried? Anxious? Have issues in donating blood? Read these facts,

  • Every two seconds someone needs blood
  • The donated blood will be replaced in 56 days (less than 2 months)
  • Donor will not become "weak" after blood donation
  • A person has 5 - 6 litres of blood in his/her body
  • One can donate blood every 90 days (3 months)
  • It takes only 15 to 20 minutes to donate blood

Benefits of Blood Donation:

  • Stimulates Blood Cell Production
  • Blood Donation helps to reduce risk of heart attack and cancer
  • Donation of blood, burns calories & helps in weight loss
  • Blood donation helps to maintain healthy liver
  • Prevents Hemochromatosis and helps to maintain iron level
  • By donating blood you can save someone's life
  • It helps you to complete your social responsibilities

Criteria /Conditions for Blood Donation:

Frequency Once in three months
Age:  18 - 60 years
Body Weight Above 45 kgs
Temperature and pulse


Blood pressure Within normal limits without medication
Hemoglobin More than12 gms/dl for men and 12.5 gms/dl for women

You shall be free from any acute respiratory disease, skin infections and diseases transmissible by blood transfusion

Man has still not cracked the formula of manufacturing blood in labs - it can only come from generous donors like YOU. Do It!

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