Why Preventive Health Checkup?

Taking prevention is a key step towards healthy and hearty life. Preventive health checkups are imperative for one and all because,

  • You may appear fit and healthy from outside but still each one of us is at risk. When we are young, we don’t associate ourselves with diseases but in today’s times of excessive work pressure and lives full of stress, diseases pry on us constantly
  • You smoke, drink and do not exercise. Such unhealthy ways of living contribute immensely in alluring fatal diseases like heart ailments, certain cancers and other lifestyle diseases
  • Your family history of diseases plays a vital role in designing your health status. If your parents or other close family members have history of heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure, then the chances of you getting the same increases manifold
  • Some diseases do not exhibit pronounced symptoms and lay hidden for a long time inside the body. By the time, symptoms start to appear, the disease may have reached to an extensive stage

To avoid such a situation, all you need is –
healthy food, proper exercise and regular preventive health checkups. Preventive health checkups give a complete picture of the functioning of your vital organs.
Early detection of diseases through a preventive test not only saves life but also shields the person and his family from going through immense physical, emotional and financial turmoil.

That’s not all:
one can even save tax on preventive health checkups! From 2012,
Government of India has announced a tax benefit of Rs. 5000/- u/s 80D.

Still not convinced? Have a look at these stats:

  • In India, every MINUTE 4 people die of a heart attack
  • 17.3 million or 30% of total global deaths occur because of cardiovascular diseases
  • Every minute, diabetes kills 2 Indians, while stroke and cancer kill 1 each
  • Five out of 100 Indians bear a gene mutation that in all probability guarantees the development of a heart disease at some time of life