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Why You Need Checkup

Why You Need Checkup

Need For Health Checkup?

In India, there’s an ever-increasing list of, what the doctors have termed as lifestyle like diseases in diabetes and heart ailments due to rising cholesterol, asthma, obesity and some more scary names we choose not to mention.’

-Times of India

Also, Indian cuisine is varied and incredibly delicious. But there is a flip side to this culinary enjoyment.

  • Indians are genetically more prone and susceptible towards heart diseases and diabetes
  • Thanks to innumerable festivals that we celebrate all through the year, unhealthy
    and calorie laden food is a regular for most of us
  • Due to the recent influx of the “fast food” culture, our lifestyle and
    eating habits have gone down even further. Junk food has
    become almost a staple for both the young and the old
  • The busy schedule doesn’t leave you with any time to exercise and after a
    hard day’s work you prefer to lie down immediately after dinner

If you affirm to above said, unquestionably YOU need a

Preventive Health Checkup.

Practically, you may not avoid the given circumstances but you can surely take a step ahead to keep a watchful eye on your health status.

Remember -
A healthy outside starts from the inside

Health Checkup Packages

  • Full Body Checkup Package

    Know your body 'in & out'

  • Family Health Checkup Package

    For a family of young & elderly

  • Fitness Checkup Package

    Basic tests for the young

  • Essential Heart Checkup

    A closer look at your heart

  • Young Couple Checkup

    For young & busy

  • Diamond Couple Checkup

    When age is catching up!

  • Star Couple Checkup

    For mature with a hectic lifestyle

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