Why You Need Preventive Health Checkup?

Why You Need Preventive Health Checkup?

You are young and apparently fit and find it a waste of money to go for checkups in absence of any symptoms or discomfort. Right?
Actually, you are wrong!

As per various abnormality reports from the industry, there is found to be high detection rate of abnormalities in seemingly fit and healthy individuals.

Earlier, advancing age was the biggest risk factor in itself but today it is not always the case. More and more young professionals are falling prey to lifestyle ailments. Heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and certain cancers are commonly seen in younger age groups.

Reasons to this paradigm shift are plenty. Consider the risk factors below and assess for yourself that why do you need to go for a checkup?


Being overweight is a major risk factor and an initiation in itself for several diseases. Risk of heart diseases, diabetes and hypertension is high if the person is beyond normal body weight.

Smoker/heavy drinker

Smoking or tobacco consumption in any form is highly injurious for health. All sorts of cancers, hypertension, lung disease and heart disease invade the body due to smoking or binge drinking.

Stress at work

Monster of stress accounts for several physical and psychological ailments. Stress is a silent killer and manifests its adverse effects in form of hypertension and heart diseases.

Family history of disease

Some diseases are genetic or hereditary in nature and run in families from generations to generations. Heart disease, cancers, hypertension and diabetes, all have a genetic predisposition. If your parents or siblings are suffering for any of these, you have to be extra cautious for yourself.

No physical exercise

Lack of physical movement,no exercise routine or sitting at one place for long hours due to work is recipe for sickness. Today, people are moving away from physical labour due to advent of technology, which is detrimental for their health.

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Health Checkup Packages

  • Essentia (For 20's)

    Basic tests for the young

  • Family Health Checkup Package

    For a family of young & elderly

  • Diamond Couple Checkup

    When age is catching up!

  • Star Couple Checkup

    For mature with a hectic lifestyle

  • Young Couple Checkup

    For young & busy

  • Full Body Checkup Package

    Know your body 'in & out'

  • Essential Heart Checkup

    A closer look at your heart

  • Fitness Checkup Package

    Basic tests for the young

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