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Health Checkup Packages For Men, Women, Senior Citizens

Fitness Checkup

Market Price

Rs. 7,500/-

Our Price

Rs. 3,980/- Get Silver Card

Fitness Checkup (Essentia)

Today’s younger population is becoming prone to illnesses, which were earlier known as ‘old man’s diseases’. This package is for young and apparently healthy people, who can rejoice their fitness levels by making sure ‘all is well’ or get to detect unexpected ailments at early stages.

Package includes basic tests for all vital organs & systems of the body.

Recommended for people up to 25 years of age.

Essential Heart Checkup

Market Price

Rs. 15,000/-

Our Price

Rs. 7,676/- Get Silver Card

Essential Heart Checkup (Superia)

Those who have an unhealthy lifestyle, continually face stress at work, hardly get time to exercise, eat junk food often or have a personal/family history of lifestyle diseases should take this package.

This package comprise of Cardiac CT for Calcium Scoring in heart’s vessels, screening for Hepatitis B and several other tests to check vital organs & systems of the body.

Recommended for people between 25-35 years of age.

Full Body Checkup

Market Price

Rs. 45,000/-

Our Price

Rs. 16,950/- Get Silver Card

Full Body Checkup (Optima)

It’s a comprehensive checkup of the whole body to know your health’s status ‘in-and-out’. Advancing age, stressful life, poor dietary habits, smoking/excessive drinking and other unhealthy ways of living, personal/family history of diseases – all contribute in inviting various diseases.

This package includes high-end tests such as CT Angiography for heart, Carotid Doppler of neck vessels, cancer markers, Australia antigen for Hepatitis B, Vitamin B 12 deficiency test and several others to screen for any abnormalities in heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and other systems of the body.

Recommended for people above 35 years of age.

Women's Special Checkup

Market Price

Rs. 7,900/-

Our Price

Rs. 4,950/-

Women's Special

Different anatomy, multiple responsibilities and demands of work and household makes a woman more prone to certain diseases. She needs special medical attention to keep an eye on ailments specific to females.

Apart from several other regular tests, Women’s Package includes breast and cervical cancer screening and test to check their week bones, post menopause.

Recommended for all women.

Senior Citizen Checkup

Market Price

Rs. 7,500/-

Our Price

Rs. 5,500/-

Senior Citizen Checkup

For most of the diseases, aging in itself is one of the biggest risk factor. As we get older, our immunity levels goes down and wear and tear & degeneration in the organs starts setting in, making us more prone to illnesses as compared to younger people.

This package is designed to check age related illnesses and to understand how all vital organs of the body are working inspite of advancement in age.

Recommended for elderly above 60 years of age.