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Bladder Cancer Causes & Risk Factors

Bladder cancer takes a long time to develop and is rare in people aged under 40. It occurs usually in people aged between 50 and 80 years old. When it gets diagnosed at an early stage, it can be treated well.

This article provides you an insight into bladder cancer effects, risk factors and its causes.

Bladder Cancer Causes

  • Smoking Tobacco:

    A person who smokes is 4 times more likely to suffer from disease than someone who has never smoked. The chemicals in smoke enter your bloodstream and are filtered out in kidneys. These chemicals come directly in contact with bladder which causes cancer.

  • Chemical exposure:

    Chemicals such as arylamines are known to increase risk of this cancer. People working in rubber, printing and textile industry comes in direct contact with arylamines, and hence are at higher chances of getting infected with bladder cancer.

  • History of other cancers:

    One of the bladder cancer reasons can be exposure to radio therapy for treatment of past cancer.

  • Diabetes drug:

    People who have diabetes are more prone to bladder cancer due to use of particular drug pioglitazone, which increases risk of cancer.

  • Bladder stones:

    Stones are little lumps of calcium which if present in bladder can cause chronic infection. If you suffer from this for a long time it may cause the disease.

  • less fluid intake

  • Birth Defect:

    As a baby develops there is a connection between bladder and urethra. Usually, this connection disappears before the baby is born but in some cases connection remains and can cause the cancer. In another deformity bladder is outside body and not covered by skin which causes infection and may lead to cancer.

Bladder Cancer Risk Factors

  • Increasing Age:

    As you grow old your risk of bladder cancer increases. Although cancer can occur at age it is rarely found in age group below 40. 90% of people suffering from this disease are above 55 years in age.

  • Gender:

    A men is more likely to suffer from this cancer than women.

  • Family history:

    If someone close in your family is suffering from this disease you are likely to get infected by bladder cancer. A family history of hereditary cancer also known as lynch syndrome increases your risk of cancer.

  • Racial factors:

    It is very surprising to know that racial factors also contribute to bladder cancer risk factor. Whites are twice more likely to suffer from this disease than Africans and Asians.

  • Occupational hazards:

    People working in dye, textile, paint, leather, and rubber industry have higher risk for this disease. People working in these industries get exposed to aromatic amines which are believed to cause bladder cancer.

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